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  • Weekly Mass Schedule

    All public Masses have been cancelled until
    mid-April due to COVID19.

  • TV/Radio/on Line Mass Schedule

    Daily mass - see you Tube -click on Daily Mass Tab below on Home Page
    TV - WABAY/ABC Sunday - 5:30am
    CW14 Sunday - 8:00am
    CBS Local 5 Sunday - 10:30am
    Relevant Radio, AM 1050 Sunday - 9am

  • Message from Fr. Ryan

    Blessings in Christ! 
    Be not afraid!  That’s the most repeated line in Scripture.  Be not afraid!  Those are the first words Pope John Paul II said publicly upon being elected Holy Father.  Be not afraid! 
    At times like this, I know how the human heart has a tendency to let fear creep in, but be not afraid! 
    The coronavirus can strip our lives of many things, though we pray people have access to the necessary things.  People feel isolated.  They can lose hope.  But, I repeat, be not afraid!  Christ is more powerful!  Be assured that I am holding all of you in my prayer everyday! 
    At this time, as you know, the Mass cannot be celebrated publicly, but be assured I am offering Mass everyday for you, my parishioners.  Mass continues to be celebrated for you!  I am praying for you!  And I am also available if anyone would like to go to confession, or have something blessed, like water, or if you just want to talk.  For any of that, just let the office know.   
    This being the season of Lent, my mind is drawn to thinking about our Lord’s Passion and how He suffered for us.  A line from the Gospel, as Jesus is about to be nailed to the cross, sticks out: “They stripped him, and divided his garments.”  Right now, the Lord is allowing us to be stripped of many things along with him.  And the key word is “allowing”.  He allows it.  Meaning he is still in control.  He was in control of things during His Passion.  He is still in control now.  And two things he will never strip from us are Himself and each other.  We get through this by staying united to Him in our prayer and united to each other by finding ways to help; to think of another’s need first. 
    Jesus is still here for you!                                                                                                                       
    I am still here for you! 
    Now, Our Lord is asking all of us to join him in being stripped of many of our securities in this life.  But only so we can learn to cling to him more fully, and have a greater part in his victory when he overcomes the Cross and rises on Easter morning!   
    “In this world you will have trouble but, be not afraid!  For I have overcome the world!” 
    ~Jesus, speaking to you right now.  (John 16:33)      
    Your Pastor,     
     Fr. Ryan